Your wedding ring is a beautiful and important reminder of the bond between you and the person you love most. During the prenuptial journey, you and your partner will visit jewelers to pick out your rings for the big day. Sometimes, the standard options simply don’t cut it—you want jewelry that’s a bit more unique! With a few tips on how to make your wedding ring special, you can easily make yours one-of-a-kind.

Add Colored Gemstones

Typically, your engagement band has one center stone or a cluster setting, while the wedding ring may have a few small diamonds along the band. But if you want your ring to stand out, a typical diamond may not be ideal. Consider other stones you love or the gem that symbolizes the month of your anniversary. For instance, if you get married in October, shop for wedding rings with opal or tourmaline along the outside of the band.

Get It Engraved

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding ring is by having the jeweler you buy from engrave it. Before doing this, ensure you understand the key things about jewelry engraving, such as the type of engraving itself and what you’ll get carved. Nowadays, most jewelers use lasers to perfectly etch your inscription into the ring, but some still do hand engraving if you want an extra personal touch.

Pro Tip

If you get something engraved on the inside of your wedding band, remember to keep it short, as there isn’t much room. Many couples do their initials, anniversary, or short phrases like “forever yours.”

Create Your Ring

To take uniqueness to the next level, you could also search for a jeweler that offers custom services to create your ring. Many jewelers providing this option will have various consultations with you to sketch the piece and then make it according to your finger measurements. This also allows you to add specific gemstones, select a particular style of the band, and even engrave the inside of your ring.

Use Heirloom Jewelry

You can always use something you already own as a meaningful way to make your wedding ring special. Talk with your and your partner’s families to see if there are any particular pieces that parents, grandparents, or other relatives plan to hand down.

Likewise, if you own a piece of heirloom jewelry but feel it doesn’t have the formality to become a wedding ring, you can take it to a jeweler for modification. This also allows you to get it engraved or swap out the stones.

Stay True to You

This is your wedding ring, and what’s most important, aside from staying on budget, is that it aligns with your style. You never have to follow the trends or wear an heirloom piece if you don’t love it. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the holder, and you define the perfect ring. Happy wedding planning!