A lot of love, time, and effort go into making your art, so it can be disheartening when you don’t make a sale or few people check out your booth. The good news is that this is not a measure of how good of an artist you are. Rather, it may simply indicate that you need to brush up on those marketing skills! To learn how to make your booth stand out at a craft show, read on.

Display Your Art Creatively

At a craft show, it’s not about first impressions—it’s about first glances! Don’t display your art or products in neat rows like at a convenience store. Arrange your items on different materials, at different heights, or in any other unique way you can think of! The only rule is that your display should look cohesive and align with your brand. For example, if you’re art is made of natural materials, display them on raw wood, or use foliage throughout your display.

Encourage Interaction

While you may want people to refrain from handling your work, there are different ways to encourage interaction. One of the best ways to get people looking and talking is by working on a piece at your booth. People are naturally interested in the creative process, so they’re bound to look. You can also invite guests to participate in making one of your products. This is fun and interactive, and in some cases, it shows how valuable your work is and why your skills are important.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whatever your bestseller is—or whatever you’re most proud of—should be displayed toward the front of your booth. This helps attract people to your booth, and if they’re interested, they’ll want to explore the rest of what you have to offer. Also, labeling these products as your bestsellers gets people’s attention. While they may not actually be your bestsellers, it’s a neat trick that will draw the eye and encourage people to explore the rest of your work.

Use the Space to Your Advantage

Your booth may not be that wide, but it’s likely pretty tall, and you should use all that space to your advantage. Vertical displays catch the eye, create intrigue, and allow you to display more. You should also take advantage of the depth of your space as well. Try to avoid displaying one table at the front or in the center. A U shape—maybe even with a small table in the middle—gives customers more room and guides them through the space.

Show What Your Booth Is About

If you want to make your booth stand out at the next craft show, it should be easy to tell what you’re selling at a glance. While banners, posters, and business cards are all great and very important additions, they will only hurt you if you don’t do them well. Instead, try showing off your business with high-quality printing to make vibrant, clear, and easy-to-read material.

Of course, you want to put your brand name on full display, but if it doesn’t tell people what you’re selling, they likely won’t approach. The easier it is to fully understand what you sell at a distance, the more likely it is that people will approach your booth so you can make sales!