Happy hour is a great way to boost your restaurant’s business while creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for customers. However, solely offering discounted drinks and appetizers is not enough to make your happy hour successful. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best ways to enhance happy hour in your restaurant.

Get the Word Out

The first step in enhancing your restaurant’s happy hour is to get the word out. You can use social media, email marketing, or flyers to inform people about your specials. Include the time and dates of your happy hour and any specific drinks or appetizers offered.

Additionally, consider partnering with other local businesses to cross-promote your happy hour or provide incentives for customers who bring a friend. Word-of-mouth marketing is free and works wonders in every industry.

Offer Various Drinks

Offering different types of drinks during happy hour is crucial to attracting different types of customers. This could include specialty cocktails, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic options.

When serving a variety of craft drinks, ensure you know the key traits of each. While you can make strawberry margaritas, there are differences between margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. The main distinction is the alcohol they use; margaritas use tequila, while daiquiris use rum.

Pro Tip

Consider creating a signature cocktail that reflects your restaurant’s theme or vibe. Additionally, you could improve your guest experience by offering beer or wine flights.

Have Delicious Food

There are two main things to keep in mind when it comes to food—the type and plate sizes. Offer appetizers and small main courses that pair well with the alcoholic beverages you’ll offer. For instance, a charcuterie board is a must-have if you’re a high-end restaurant and mainly serve wine.

As you think of the type of food, also consider plate sizes. Some guests may want something small to eat, but others may prefer to share the order with their group. You’ll better appeal to everyone by offering a range of sizes.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

The final tip on how to enhance happy hour in your restaurant is to set the appropriate atmosphere. Create a fun and inviting ambience that encourages customers to stay and enjoy their drinks and appetizers. This could include playing upbeat music, dimming the lights, or adding decorations that fit your restaurant’s theme.

You can also do this by working with a local musician to play live music to enhance your guest experience. Setting the tone keeps the atmosphere upbeat and inviting so that customers can enjoy themselves.