Consumers and stylists alike all want to know about the upcoming styles for the spring 2023 season. Whether you want to stay up to date with fashion trends for your own wardrobe needs or for stocking your boutique’s shelves, this fashion forecast has some of the most popular hat styles you can expect to see in spring 2023.

Oversized Beanies

Before everyone can embrace full spring vibes, many parts of the Northern Midwest must endure the last stretch of winter. Oversized beanies with wide cuffs will be a comfortable and stylish choice for the final chilly days before spring. These hats are even ideal for cold spring days when the sun might be hiding behind cloud cover, or when the temperature drops once again. Prepare for the fluctuating spring temperatures with this cozy addition to your wardrobe or store shelves.

Wide-Brim Hats

Beanies aren’t the only hats getting the oversized treatment. From boaters to fedoras, many other types of hats have wide-brimmed designs that make them feel sleek and modern. Fedoras and boaters often come in felt and other soft materials, which will make them a comfy spring accessory. You can also expect to see oversized sun hats with wide brims as we approach late spring and the beginning of summer.

Baseball Hats

Baseball hats are a classic headwear item for any wardrobe or clothing line. These hats have a sporty style, which makes them perfect for wearing to sports games and other outdoor events. Additionally, many baseball caps come in breathable materials that help keep the head cool in the warmer weather conditions. These caps also make an excellent product for customization if you’re starting a branded line of clothing or accessories for a business.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats will be another popular hat style for spring 2023. Bucket hats were last popular in the ’90s but have experienced a recent resurgence in the fashion world. Bucket hats will continue to be a wardrobe staple thanks to their stylish appearance and functional brims for blocking the sun. Bucket hats also come in a wide variety of fabrics, including everything from cotton to crochet.

Whether you’re looking for fashionable items to stock your store’s shelves or personal wardrobe at home, these hat styles will be the ones to watch out for this upcoming season. Shop early for the above styles if you want to stay ahead of the spring 2023 fashion trends.