Many parents would agree that when you have kids, they become the center of your life in more ways than one. The same goes even if you are a babysitter, as your sole focus becomes the well-being and happiness of the children in your care. However, we all know that most children require constant supervision or attention, which can become challenging as you juggle tasks. That’s why you will want to know about these fun and simple activities that can keep kids entertained.

Spot a Thing, Start a Story

You’ll often find yourself with the kids in a confined space like a doctor’s office or the car. It can seem impossible trying to keep them entertained without the usage of tablets and screens, but it’s possible.

One fun way is to spot a thing and start a story. To do this, you will spot a random item like a highlighter, for example. Then you can begin your story with something like, “the highlighter went for a walk in the woods and found a…” to which you prompt the kids to continue the story. This game is a fun way to get the creative and imaginative juices flowing.

Upgrade Your Crafts

Let’s face it. Crafting can get a bit boring sometimes, even for kids. That’s why you might want to upgrade your crafts a little. All you need for this activity is a pool noodle, a serrated knife, and some paint. Cut your pool noodle horizontally into a three-inch long piece. The kids can then use those cut noodles as stampers to paint various designs and shapes. There are so many exciting pool noodle activities for kids to keep them busy with such a simple toy.

Get a Little Theatrical

Getting a little theatrical is an incredibly fun and simple way to keep kids entertained. Prompt them to create and star in their own play. This activity will keep them focused as they write their script, assign roles, make their costumes, and prepare for opening day.