Are you looking for ideas to improve your business’s curb appeal? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you own a restaurant, boutique, or service-based establishment, an improved exterior enhances your place. Read on to learn how to make the necessary improvements.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal brings in customers. The exterior is the first impression of a business, so an unkept storefront deters patrons from the building. Instead, create an inviting atmosphere from the front door to the cash register.

Add Color out Front

If applicable, boost landscaping with green grass, vibrant flowers, and fun lawn decorations. Greenery is attractive and inviting. Also, entice customers with a gorgeous storefront. Bright pops of color make businesses aesthetically pleasing—and Instagrammable. Imagine customers snapping photos of your storefront and posting them online!

Refresh Your Sign

Peeling paint, faded words, and damaged metal or wood are the last things customers want to see. Refresh your sign to accurately reflect your business. New paint and an updated structure make a huge difference!

This is also a good opportunity to rebrand your establishment. Maybe you have a rustic-style storefront and are interested in a modern look. Regardless of your preference, exterior refreshments have a positive impact on businesses.

Get a New Canopy

Along with signage, you can refresh your exterior with an updated canopy. One of the signs you need a new commercial canopy is your tent doesn’t reflect your business anymore. Perhaps you changed the logo and the tent has old graphics. Or maybe you switched aesthetics and need something that matches the new one. Whatever the case, consider a canopy upgrade!

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a stylistic element that serves a purpose. If you operate at night, exterior lighting creates a visible pathway for customers. New lights help customers get in and out of their cars, increase site safety, and highlight the building’s architecture. Add lights on the lawn or on the building itself for added safety and aesthetics.

Have Seasonal Decor

Improve your business’s curb appeal with seasonal decor. Holiday lights, patriotic flags, paper hearts, and other seasonal decorations can keep your property fresh. Remember to rotate the decor and add them at the appropriate times. After all, it’s awkward seeing St. Patrick’s Day decorations in April.