You can likely remember enjoying delicious homemade baked goods made by a beloved friend or family member. As you sunk your teeth into the sweet delight, you probably found yourself wanting to recreate such a delectable experience. However, if you’ve never really baked before, it’s perfectly understandable that you want to ensure you do everything right. That’s why you should know these tips on how to start baking if you’re a beginner.

Measure Correctly

When it comes to baking, you need to know that measurements are incredibly crucial to creating a sweet treat you can feel proud of. You might think you can fudge the measuring a little bit as you do with cooking, but that’s not the case. Therefore, it’s best to double-check each time you’re measuring something to ensure you have everything correct. Moreover, if you’re measuring wet ingredients, make sure you’re utilizing wet measuring cups, as accuracy can suffer if you use dry measuring cups.

Prepare in Advance

It can feel so exciting when you find a recipe you want to make that you likely choose to dive right in. But before you do, you must prepare. One of the best tips to start baking if you’re a beginner is to read through your recipe thoroughly. The reason for this is that you might need room-temperature butter or eggs for your baked good. If you discover you need room-temperature ingredients right when you want to bake, that can put a considerable time constraint on your plans.

Use a Sandwich Bag

You might think that to become a great baker, you must have every tool in the book, but that’s not the case. You can use items you already have in your kitchen to create beautiful baked goods. For example, an unbelievable baking hack that every baker can use is to utilize sandwich bags for piping.

That way, you don’t have to purchase expensive baking tools just yet, which also isn’t reasonable if you’re just a beginner. As you expand your baking interests, you might find that you want to purchase better tools later. For now, you can stick with sandwich bags.