Inclusivity is vital to a company, no matter what type of business you run. We all come from different backgrounds, and those experiences shape our thought processes. By emphasizing diversity, you make different-minded people feel more comfortable sharing their ideas. Use these tips to make your company more inclusive to embrace diversity.

Educate Your Employees

One of the best ways to make your work culture more inclusive is by educating your staff on how to speak to one another and why. Explaining this rationale helps everyone understand why certain words or phrasing may be offensive to others. Remember that empathy should always come first.

Aim to educate all staff members, not just managers or subordinates. Team members need to talk with one another as much as managers need to communicate with their associates, after all.

Encourage Collaboration

Inclusivity goes hand in hand with collaboration, so encourage all employees to work together whenever possible. If you have various departments, think of ways to get workers to communicate more often both about work and non-work topics. This tip for making your company more inclusive is important because as workers grow closer, they relate to one another. Those feelings of connection enhance the desire to understand and include others.


One of the current trends in remote work is offering hybrid work options. This allows staff the flexibility of remote work plus the interpersonal connection of going into the office.

Celebrate Differences

We all come from different backgrounds and various faiths, heritages, and traditions. Strive to add various holidays to your calendar so that workers can take time off to celebrate the days that are most important to them. By labeling these as holidays, or at least floating holidays, workers feel more valued. You prove that you value their differences.

Another great way to celebrate diversity is by setting up a day in the office where everyone can bring in a cultural dish. This encourages bonding and allows your team to share a bit about themselves.

Listen to Worker Feedback

Ask your workers for feedback on how inclusive the workplace feels. Do this monthly or quarterly to get a clear picture of how you improve over time. Jot down what employees tell you and ask for advice on improvement. We all like feeling heard. Plus, some workers may have great ideas on how to educate one another or celebrate differences.

Making your office more accepting of diversity makes it easier to attract and retain a wide range of individuals. With more inclusivity, you’ll have access to better ideas on how to tackle problems as you grow your company.