Knowing how to dress for different events is essential, as you don’t want to show up underdressed. People typically reserve tuxedos for more formal events, but it’s beneficial to know which kinds of events require this unique attire. Here are some examples of the appropriate occasions to wear a tuxedo.


Weddings are one of the common events where it’s appropriate to wear a tuxedo. Nowadays, many weddings will opt for more casual attire for guests. However, some couples still want their wedding party and guests to arrive in formal wear. The couple planning the wedding may require the groom, groomsmen, and father of the bride to wear a tuxedo. If you are a guest at a more formal wedding and not part of the wedding party, you may still opt for a tuxedo to achieve a more polished look. It’s helpful to know the difference between a tuxedo and a wedding suit so that you can make the appropriate choice for the circumstances.

Black-Tie Parties

Another time you should wear a tuxedo is when you’re attending a black-tie party. If you receive an invitation to an event that specifies it’s a “black-tie” occasion, that indicates the type of dress code expectations for guests. You should never show up to a black-tie event or party wearing jeans and a T-shirt, as that will appear disrespectful. Instead, you should rent or buy a tuxedo for the occasion. Some examples of black-tie events include charity events, galas, balls, and fancy dinner parties.

Formal Events

Formal events are another place where you can wear a tuxedo. Some events will not necessarily specify that they are black-tie events, but they will still require the same type of attire as one. For example, events like operas, ballets, symphonies, and other high-class events will expect guests to show up in formal wear for the evening. If you do not own a tuxedo, you can always rent one for a night so that you can look the part for the event you are attending.

Make sure you understand when and where you should wear a tuxedo so that you can dress appropriately for formal events. You want to look your very best when attending high-class parties, weddings, and gatherings so that you can make a good impression, especially if you’re bringing a date.