Bachelorette parties are a reflection of the bride and her bridal party. Every theme, activity, location, and much more is unique. But one thing you can plan for as a guest is what you’ll wear, especially if the event takes place in winter.

Continue reading to learn about the clothing essentials for a winter bachelorette party!

Stylish T-Shirts

Bachelorette parties are notorious for creating unique T-shirts for more laid-back outfits and activities. This is a way to let every bridal party member stand out. From styling western graphic tees for a cowgirl theme or embellishing the shirt with sequins for a disco party, your bachelorette T-shirts will never be boring. Try tucking or tying the shirt to add some dimension.

The Color Palette

When it comes to bachelorette parties, the bride typically wears one color while the other members of the wedding party wear the same or their one unique assigned color. It doesn’t matter the theme. The bride will help you establish the color palette. No matter the theme or the style, your job as a bridesmaid or maid of honor is to stick to the color palette for the event!

Cozy and Chic Jackets

If you’re wearing a t-shirt or a short sleeve top in the winter, you must remember to layer up! You don’t want to limit your fun because you wore the wrong outfit.

Find a warm jacket that fits the bride’s theme and looks perfect with your outfit. Jean jackets are a classic option. If the theme is 1950s-inspired, wear a black leather jacket. If sequins are a must, find a gold, silver, or black sequin jacket that makes your entire outfit shine!

Comfortable Shoes

Pick a pair of shoes that will keep up with your planned party activities. Open-toed shoes like sandals and strappy heels are nice for the summer but not ideal for winter activities. Shoes like boots and sneakers are the best options to pair with your outfit. From platform black booties to red cowboy boots to classic white sneakers. If the shoes match the party’s aesthetic and are comfortable, you’re good to go!

An Outfit To End the Night

As you’re packing your bag for the weekend, don’t forget the clothing for the hotel room. When the night’s over, you want to step out of the crazy outfits and wear something normal and cozy: leggings, fuzzy socks, and sweatshirts are ideal for late-night relaxation. Bundle up with a blanket and sit with your friends as you end the night in your most comfortable attire.

The theme determines the party, but these are essential clothing items you cannot forget for a winter bachelorette party. Bring options and let the bridal party help you create the perfect style for a fun-filled weekend celebrating the bride!