Although long tips receive praise from nail connoisseurs, short nails are cute, too! It’s all about choosing good nail shapes, polishes, and designs. With our help, you’ll look great in no time. Learn how to make short nails look gorgeous with this quick guide.

Start With the Right Shape

People assume that short nails lack shape. However, that’s not true. To enhance your natural nails, start with the right shape. Almond, oval, and round are ideal shapes for short nails. They’re simple, feminine, and work for all occasions. If you’re interested in making your nails appear longer, opt for a hybrid shape. For example, squoval nails are a square-ish and oval shape that “adds” length.

Choose a Complementing Color

Enhance your nails with a beautiful manicure by choosing a complementing color, like nude, pastel pink, red, or mauve. Although these shades are simple, the colors are flattering on short manicures. They’re also versatile! Showcase your manicure in the office and then rock them on girl’s night. You’ll turn heads with these lovely shades.

Add Fun Designs

Make short nails look gorgeous with fun designs. Nail art isn’t exclusive to long tips. Anyone can rock stickers and decals on their fresh manicures.

Since they range in size, one tip for applying nail stickers to short nails is to trim the sticker edges. This prevents the material from hanging off your nail. You don’t want to accidentally snag the sticker on something and cause the design to rip off.

Additionally, you can try freestyling designs with nail art brushes and different polishes.

What To Avoid

Although nail decorations are wonderful, you can “overdo it.” Huge rhinestones and nail gems overcrowd your nails. Furthermore, excessive amounts of glitter make your nails look shorter. With short nails, less is more. Tiny stickers and decals enhance the look but don’t overpower your polish.

Prioritize Nail Health

The only way to keep gorgeous nails flattering is to keep them healthy. Prioritize nail health by applying cuticle oil on your cuticles, filing your nails, and moisturizing your hands. Nail maintenance requires a lot of hydration. Dry hands make the skin around the nails cracked and flaky, which irritates your nail beds and breaks down your cuticles (which protects your nail from contaminants). So keep your nails clean and hydrated!