These are some of the best romantic birthday gifts you can get your husband. If you’re running dry on ideas, see if one of these catches your eye.

A Gift Card to the Perfect Restaurant

This one is perfect for the guys who love a good meal. Pick a gift card for his favorite restaurant or even one he’s been dying to try! If you’re unsure what to pick, look into local steakhouses, or check out this list of beautiful, delicious restaurants. Be sure the amount is enough for both of you to order dinner and maybe a few drinks!

This is a great romantic gift because not only will he enjoy a delicious meal, but he’ll get to share it with you! It’s a perfect chance to spend quality time together in a romantic setting.

For an extra special touch, pair the gift card with a nice bottle of wine. You can drink it at home or even bring it to the restaurant and enjoy it over dinner.

The Ultimate Romantic Gift: Tickets

This could be tickets to anything. Tickets to the big football game he’s been raving about, tickets to see his favorite band play, or tickets to an event you know he’d love. This one is a great romantic gift because it shows that you care about his interests and want to share them with him!

You’ll get to spend time together doing whatever he’s passionate about for the day. This gift is also versatile, as you can choose seats based on your budget.

Genuine Leather Goods: A Little Luxury

Gift him a touch of luxury with genuine leather goods. The beautiful thing is that this gift works for all different price points. At the lower end, consider a leather wallet. The higher end usually includes elegant winter coats or dress shoes.

A leather briefcase or boots are also good options, depending on his profession and personality. As with most leather goods, leather boots have plenty of benefits, so you know you’re getting him a gift he can enjoy for a long time.

With these birthday gift ideas, your husband will surely have the best birthday.