While all of us can enjoy a catchy tune now and then, our love for music doesn’t compare to that of the music lovers in our life. These are the people who are constantly listening to music or learning to play it. With the holidays around the corner, you might only have a couple of people left on your list to find gifts for. If the music lover in your life is still on that list, then you’re in luck because there are so many phenomenal gifts you can purchase this season.

Vinyl Record

It’s likely that the person you have in mind already owns a vinyl record player. If that’s the case, you might consider gifting them a vinyl record of one of their favorite musicians or bands. Keep in mind that you must double-check that they don’t already have the vinyl record you plan to buy.

Quality Speaker

It’s possible that you’ve heard the music lover in your life talk about the importance of quality audio when listening to music. That’s why a high-quality speaker is one of the best gifts to get this holiday season. Many audiophiles adore the products from JBL and Bose as they have quality speakers with a clear midrange and a strong bass.

Electric Piano

An electric piano makes a perfect gift for those who want to begin making their own music. However, it’s crucial that you choose the correct keyboard to purchase them. It’s best to go with a MIDI keyboard, as they’re great for learning and playing piano. Additionally, the ability to edit and fix your compositions with a MIDI makes it a fantastic choice for making music.

Make Your Own Guitar Pick

If your person in mind is a guitar fanatic, then you might want to get them a fun puncher that allows them to make their own guitar pick. With this tool, they can make a guitar pick from nearly any thin piece of plastic, like old library cards, bus cards, or credit cards. They will love the fact that they can have personalized picks to learn and play with.