Sometimes, cleaning feels like a painstaking task, and if you’ve procrastinated long enough, you may need help figuring out where to start. Your bedroom is a personal oasis, so keeping it clean helps you feel at ease when you’re there. Ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently with these four simple hacks for cleaning out your bedroom.

Write Out a Plan

Every great cleaning job starts with a plan. Evaluate your room and decide what needs to get done. Have you dusted recently? Are your clothes neatly folded in the drawers? As you list out what you should do to deep clean your room, jot down the following chores:

  • Wax wooden surfaces
  • Wash your comforter
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Dust the walls

Once you know what to do, create a timeline for yourself and set aside ample time. Don’t split the project into several days, since it’ll make procrastination easier.

Clean Under the Bed

Some of us store items under our beds, such as spare blankets, shoes, and other small belongings. However, this doesn’t always look great. Pull all of this out and vacuum under the bed. While you have everything out, sort through the items to decide what you can part with.

Also, evaluate what you’ll put back under the bed. Buy a small plastic container to keep items in. Buy one for spare blankets, one for shoes, and so forth. Your bed will look tidier, and you’ll have an easier time finding things in the future.

Donate Old Belongings

When sorting through belongings in your room, think about what you can donate. You may have old clothing, shoes, books, or decorations you no longer want. One of the ways to know you should donate shoes is if you have pairs that still look great but no longer serve you. You can also bring worn-out shoes to a shoe recycling company to prevent your footwear from ending in landfills.

Don’t Forget the Closet

The final tip for cleaning your bedroom is to ensure you address your closet, which usually becomes a stockpile for everything just to keep it out of sight. Sort through your wardrobe and decide what clothes and other items you no longer need. Additionally, create an organizational system to find your clothes more easily. You can arrange garments according to color or occasion.

Keeping your bedroom clean makes it more comfortable, as sitting in a room packed with clutter can feel overwhelming. With these four simple hacks for cleaning out your bedroom, your space will look immaculate.