You don’t have to live with itchy and rough skin during the winter. Before the cold weather hits, learn how to take care of your skin in the winter with these easy-to-follow tips!

Your Skin and the Wintertime

Winter is beautiful with fluffy snow, cold temperatures, and warm beverages. Although the whimsical vibe of the season is great, winter has a big drawback. The cold, dry air can irritate your skin, causing rough and itchy patches.

If you suffer from conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis, the winter can heighten symptoms of these skin diseases. Luckily, we have skin-care tips that’ll combat the harsh weather and make winter an enjoyable season for all skin types!

Use Hydrating Cleansers

Cleansers that leave your skin “squeaky clean” do more harm than good during the winter. These products strip away your body’s natural moisture. Switch up your skin-care routine with hydrating cleansers and use gentle, fragrance-free soaps that clean and hydrate your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water helps you keep your skin hydrated during the winter. In fact, it hydrates your skin year-round! Water improves your blood flow and supports skin elasticity. It also flushes out toxins while giving you healthier skin. Not to mention, it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and protects your skin’s moisture barrier. So sip on water throughout the season!

Limit Hot Showers

Although chilly temperatures bring the desire for hot showers, don’t fall into the hot shower trap. Steamy water will further dry out your skin, causing irritation. Instead, select short shower sessions with lukewarm water. A 15-minute shower in warm water is better than a 30-minute one under blazing heat.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), warm water is as effective as hot water when it comes to removing germs. So enjoy lukewarm sessions for the time being.

Opt for Light Exfoliation

Take care of your skin in the winter with light exfoliation sessions. You can scrub away dead skin with an exfoliant like salt or sugar scrubs. Then, use moisturizers with lactic acid that removes dry skin while drawing in moisture. Don’t exfoliate too much because excess scrubbing produces rough and dehydrated skin. The goal is to capture moisture and hydration, not take it away from your body. Limit light exfoliating to twice a week during the wintertime.

Wear Non-Irritating Fabrics

Many season-appropriate fabrics, like wool, are warm yet aggravating to the skin. The rough texture is itchy and uncomfortable. Stay comfortable this winter with non-irritating fabrics. Soft and breathable materials like cotton and silk are fantastic choices.