Shoes are great everyday wear, but as we all know, you can end up with a dozen pairs of shoes that all serve different purposes. Why not have a footwear option that can serve any purpose?

Well, that’s where a nice pair of boots can do the trick. If you invest in a great pair of boots, you can wear them with anything, for any occasion, and for any job. Read on to discover a few great reasons that people prefer boots to shoes.

Sheer Durability

It’s hard to match a high-quality boot’s strength. These items are ready for anything you throw at them, whether rain and rocky terrain or walks through the town. No matter what we’re doing, a pair of boots will help us conquer the day.

Grip Strength

Not every boot is the same. For instance, hiking boots have thick and wide rubber soles designed to provide great arch support and extra grip for long excursions. It would be hard to get the same mileage from a pair of shoes without hurting your feet.


When we’re looking for a pair of boots, it’s crucial to get the right size, just like with shoes. Boots come with excess padding in and around the soles, great arch support, heel padding, and hardened front ends to protect the toes. Many also feature support shafts around the legs or high tops to grip the leg more, which supports the heel and ankle more than shoes can. The support boots offer can even help alleviate back pain.


There’s no doubt that boots protect our feet better than any other footwear on the market. Inside industrial workspaces, steel toe boots can prevent any serious crushing injuries to the feet. In cold weather, boots are always great for defending our feet from cold and moisture. And if we’re walking long distances, we wouldn’t want to go with flat sandals or shoes.


Whether hiking boots or combat boots, this versatile footwear can go with almost anything. The cowboy boot is a great example—there are many occasions to sport this footwear, ranging from wrangling cattle on horseback to dancing with friends. There is nothing we can’t wear boots for, and nowhere they can’t take us!

Many factors make boots preferable to shoes, but it mainly comes down to function. Boots hold up to just about anything you can put them through, making them a fantastic investment.