Finding sunglasses is easy online or in stores, but things can become more difficult if you’re looking for a perfectly stylish pair. You shouldn’t let style overtake function, but how do you strike the right balance? Start shopping successfully with these must-know tips for buying a new pair of stylish sunglasses.

Find Your Missing Design Element

What’s missing from your wardrobe that new sunglasses can deliver? For instance, do you want a new pair that is brighter than the rest, or are you looking for something with colorful lenses? Or do you just want something that is sleek and subtle? Your options are vast, so don’t compromise your personal preferences. Even the frames themselves are available in different shapes, including round, rectangle, and beyond.

That said, sunglasses don’t just have to be a gift for yourself. A pair of new sunglasses is one of the best holiday gift ideas for the special man in your life. A key reason why glasses are such a great holiday gift idea is that they allow you to bring that missing personal touch to someone else’s wardrobe.

Remember To Choose Your Perfect Size

Stylish sunglasses come in different sizes; find what feels best to you! There’s no right or wrong answer here aside from finding the frames that feel most comfortable to you. Assess how they feel while sitting on your face, and consider how the glasses act as you lean over or move your head around.

If your sunglasses move too much as you complete those actions, consider looking for a snugger fit. The same principle applies to lens coverage. If the sunglasses don’t properly cover your eyes to protect you from UV rays, it’s time to look for a better pair that will prevent sun glare from getting in your eyes.

Assess the UV Protection

A critical tip for buying a new pair of stylish sunglasses is to not let style compromise the ability to protect you from UV rays. Finding glasses in the right size will help with UV protection, but there are additional design details to explore. To guarantee your sunglasses provide optimal protection, look for a label on them indicating they provide 100 percent protection against UV rays. With the perfect pair of sunglasses, you can merge beauty with safety to remain comfortable and stylish when outdoors.