While hosting at your home can be incredibly exciting, it can also be intimidating, especially if you haven’t hosted before. There are so many things you must be aware of, keep in mind, and manage for the night. With all the various aspects to attend to, you might feel overwhelmed trying to ensure your guests feel comfortable and the night goes off without a hitch. You can benefit from these tips on hosting at your home for the first time.

Simplify Dinner

One of the most stressful aspects of party planning is figuring out what you will have your guests eat. It never hurts to go for a simple, easy, customizable dinner. For example, you might consider a taco bar, as this option allows guests to add whatever topping they please and eat as much or as little as they prefer. The best part is that it is beyond easy to make authentic-tasting Mexican food in a flash—all you need are the right ingredients.

Prepare for Mishaps

The simple fact is that something will go wrong no matter how perfectly you plan your party. That is why one of the best tips for hosting at your home for the first time is to prepare for mishaps along the way. For the most part, we can’t entirely avoid party fouls, so it is best not to take them too seriously. Just make sure to have extra towels and napkins readily available. You might also consider using cheap, plastic dishware to avoid shattered glass.

Send Reminders

We all lead busy lives, so it can be easy for us to forget about upcoming events. As such, it is best to give your guests a heads-up that the event is happening soon. You might also consider sending emails out to your neighbors so they can be aware of your event. People will greatly appreciate these respectful, beneficial reminders.