For many of us, nothing is more important than our friends and family, which is why spending time with them can be so fulfilling. When we are in the holiday season, we can expect countless hosting opportunities to make that a reality.

It feels great to get cozy in a friend’s or family’s living room, catch up, play games, and make memories. If you might think you won’t be able to host, there are many simple ways to maximize your small living room.

Use a Rug

A rug in your living room serves multiple purposes, as it will instantly open up your space, making it look and feel bigger. Your rug will serve as a focal point, drawing the eye to the middle of the room rather than the walls, which can make things appear smaller. Try to go with a rug that compliments the d├ęcor in your room so everything flows easily. Moreover, a comfortable rug provides extra seating, as it can be a cozy spot for guests to relax.

Add a Loveseat

If your living room is quite small, you might not be able to fit an average three-seater couch. That is why you should consider a modern loveseat for your small space. A loveseat fills a room nicely yet still provides enough space for an armchair as additional seating. Moreover, your loveseat adds a cozy vibe without making your living room feel congested.

Mount the TV

Nearly every living room has a TV, as it is a great form of entertainment. However, a TV on a stand in your living room can easily take up quite a bit of space. One of the simplest ways to maximize your small living room is to mount your TV to the wall. Doing so opens up much more space, making your room feel larger. Moreover, a mounted TV also makes space for additional furniture or decorations you might want to add.