West Coast living is fun and relaxing! Amazing weather and a diverse population are staples in sunny California. But it’s essential to address the good with the bad. Check out these pros and cons of living in California for awesome information.

Pro: Access to Various Fresh Foods

California has a wonderful abundance of fresh foods and produce. This includes oranges, melons, plums, avocados, lemons, and almonds. If you’re a fan of fresh seafood, California is the best place for salmon, tuna, oysters, swordfish, and many other options. Furthermore, the restaurants are delicious, too! After all, who doesn’t love an In-N-Out Burger?

Con: Food Is Expensive

A con of living in California is that food is expensive. Well, everything in California is expensive. The monthly cost of groceries is around $300 per person. The cost doesn’t include eating out or takeout. Although a chunk of your monthly budget will go towards food, there’s no doubt about quality. Ultimately, it’s expensive but delicious!

Pro: Unique Job Opportunities

The business diversity in California is amazing. The restaurant, tech, and entertainment industries are always booming. If you’re interested in unique jobs or want to break into a fun industry, it’s best to take advantage of the state’s awesome opportunities.

Con: High Cost of Living

Although you will find unique job opportunities, every career isn’t lucrative. You may struggle to afford California’s high cost of living. California has one of the highest living expenses in the nation. Unfortunately, many residents fall into hardships like unemployment. If you experience this difficulty, a lawyer can help you with unemployment and get you back on track!

Pro: Fun Celebrity Culture

Unless you live in high-end neighborhoods, you probably won’t bump into celebrities every day. But you’re bound to see a famous person eventually. Imagine walking into Starbucks and spotting Kate McKinnon or seeing a Lakers player shopping at the mall. Since California is known for its entertainment industry, it’s not uncommon to spot a star. Additionally, if you follow influencer culture, it’s normal to see TikTok and Instagram influencers all the time!

Con: Overcrowding

From A-list stars to residents, California is home to over 39 million people. If you love interacting with others, then Cali is the place for you. However, overcrowding is normal. It may not be an issue if you have the time. But when you’re running late, crowds are annoying. It’s best to arrive early (or expect waiting times) when you visit places.