Diversity and inclusion are common buzzwords today. When it comes to increasing diversity in work culture, there are many ways to do so without overstepping or causing further issues. Here are some different ways to improve workplace diversity that every employer should know.

Recruit Different Employees

One of the most basic ways to increase workplace diversity is to hire people of various backgrounds. Many companies and small businesses hire more people of color in the workplace, which is a fantastic first step. Still, diversity comes in many forms. In addition to hiring people of different races, keep in mind other types of inclusivity. Hiring employees with a disability, different body types, and sexual orientations can help improve workplace diversity. For example, military veterans are one demographic you can hire to help diversify your employees. Keep these in mind when seeking out job candidates.

Train Employees on DEI Initiatives

It’s one thing to hire people of various backgrounds, but it’s another to train current employees on DEI initiatives. DEI stands for diversity, equality, and inclusion. These policies are a way for employers to alter existing practices to fit the needs of others. For example, if there are company only provides lunches with meat-centric options, a DEI initiative is to increase vegetarian and vegan options for employees who follow those lifestyles. Another DEI initiative is to improve wheelchair accessibility for those with a physical disability. These are just some examples of different ways to improve workplace diversity.

Implement a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Workplace Harassment

Also, employers should follow a strict zero-tolerance policy for workplace harassment. While human resources can mitigate these issues, sometimes little comments or snide remarks don’t always warrant an HR investigation. Things like fat shaming, body shaming, and off-color comments can go undetected or get brushed off as a joke. That doesn’t mean someone isn’t offended, though. Employers who wish to create a welcoming workplace for their team members must initiate and follow a strict zero-tolerance policy for any workplace harassment for everyone to feel safe and respected.