Bring romantic, rural, and cozy vibes into your home with cottagecore elements. If you don’t know where to start, that’s ok! Consider these ways to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic in your home for excellent suggestions.

Gather Heirlooms and Vintage Pieces

Before heading off to the thrift store, think about the family heirlooms and vintage pieces you already have at your disposal. A quick trip to grandma’s house can leave you with dozens of great items! After you gather your one-of-a-kind pieces, decorate your home with them. Simple things like vintage tea kettles, antique rocking chairs, or glass dishware can enhance your space.

Choose Open Shelves

Do you want to showcase vintage dishware or home décor pieces? If so, you should install open shelving in your home. Successfully display your knick-knacks and add a pop of color to the room with this storage option. This is also a great way to organize items and encourage yourself to keep a clean space. After all, messy displays can hinder the aesthetic of a home.

Select the Right Bedding

A significant part of the cottagecore aesthetic is bedding and soft accent pieces. Playing with different textures, layers, and materials will allow you to create a cozy bed. And don’t forget to add throw pillows and blankets to your sofa make it even more comfortable. It’s also important to keep cleanliness in mind. When you decorate with different bedding materials, you should learn the proper washing method. For example, reading a full guide to washing your cotton quilts and shams will help you maintain the material and keep it feeling comfy.

Incorporate Floral Patterns

Incorporating floral patterns in your home is a great way to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic. This aesthetic unites romanticism with nature, providing many ways to add excellent décor details to any space. For example, floral wallpaper or tapestries can work in bedrooms or living rooms, while potted plants make beautiful additions in a kitchen, patio, or entryway. If you’re interested in small details, floral pillows or cushion covers work too!

Focus on a Cozy Vibe

Comfort and cottagecore are almost synonymous. You want a cozy home that emphasizes comfort and relaxation. Therefore, think about the things that make you feel calm. Perhaps it’s fluffy pillows on your couch or a familiar scent that eases your mind. Focus on elements that will contribute to the cozy vibe of your home.