Finding unique clothes that won’t break the bank isn’t easy. It’s all about looking good without having to spend a fortune. While some people can easily toss out high-end clothing or antique pieces, others purchase second-hand clothing via thrifting to combat waste and landfills filled with textile products. Instead, why not use some clothes you already have in your closet? Try these easy and stylish upcycling projects for your wardrobe that will let you show off your style on a budget!

Customize a Jean Jacket

You can create a blast from the past by grabbing your bedazzler. Before you go jewel crazy, know that this easy DIY project can make a statement piece you’ll never want to stop wearing. You can add patches, paint, or studs to make a one-of-a-kind jacket. Removing the sleeves is optional.

Be sure to reinforce the seams of your new jacket with iron-on seam tape. This will make it more durable in the future and help hide any frayed edges.

Design Your Own Wide-Leg Pants

If you have a pair of old jeans or pants, you can make new in no time by cutting your old jeans into wide-leg pants. Once you’ve chosen which pair will become your new wide-leg pants, it’s time to cut! To make it easy, cut the hem to create a wider space. Use fabric to fill in the triangular space created and tightly sew new seams so that they won’t fray along the bottom edge.

Turn an Old T-Shirt Into a Headband

In order to make an epic headband, you’ll need an old T-shirt. The shirt can be any size or shape. Begin by measuring the amount of fabric you require and choosing carefully what will show on the front of your headband. Then, sew together the two sides of material around the outside edges of your headband. Add in your elastic by threading it through and stitching it in place. If you are unfamiliar with working with elastic, knowing some tips for sewing knitted elastic by hand will help you through the process. 

Refashion Adult Clothes for Your Kid

You can repurpose your unused clothing for your kid. This is a great way to make them look more stylish and get rid of old clothes you no longer want. You can turn an old shirt into a toddler skirt or bib with elastic and hem tape. If you have older kids, they may take your items as they are and wear them as vintage. I am positive there are some mom jeans hidden in the back of your closet. The project will stir up memories and will be fun for both you and your kid!

These stylish wardrobe upcycling projects are a great way to save money and create something new at the same time. You can find tons of resources online with DIY upcycle projects, or just make a quick alteration to an existing item. If you have some sewing skills, it’s even easier!