Amongst entrepreneurs and influencers like Mark Cuban and Olyasha Novozhylova, plus size model and influencer Sarah Hamel Smith was mentioned on Yahoo! Finance today!

Sarah Hamel-Smith

A​fter personally dealing with body shaming for years, Sarah Hamel-Smith decided to take matters into her own hands by speaking out and working as a catalyst for positive change in the fashion and beauty industries. By dedicating her life to changing the way society views beauty, Sarah @thecurvytrini found immense success through blogging and social media. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah was signed by TRUE Model Management and moved to New York to continue to become a social media expert and TEDx presenter. Sarah explains, “Influence means using your voice to impact others in a positive way.”

You can find the article here at Yahoo!

With one more day left until Plus Size Appreciation Day, we LOVE seeing our community in the news!