Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Plus Size Appreciation Day

Extraordinary beauty comes in all size packages. On October 6, National Plus Size Appreciation Day recognizes the gorgeous men and women who are larger than life in so many ways! – From National Day Calendar 

Countdown to Plus Size Appreciation Day


Ana Victoria Rodriquez, Model and Influencer

It’s National!

Plus Size Appreciation Day is celebrated nationally on October 6th, and has been since its proclamation in 2017. There are various websites, which host information about all sites, that have information on this special day! It’s also listed on Checkiday.com! 

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National Calendar Day:



Candice Christian, Model and Influencer

What can you do? 




A lot of the websites that talk about National Plus Size Appreciation Day offer some tips for what you can do, such as: 

Give a compliment

Host an Event or Attend One

Celebrate Your Size Online 

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